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2020-0802_With 2020 calf
2020-0802_With 2020 calf

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Name: Ripley

Status: Cow with 2020 bull calf from Bob / Exposed to Bob for 2021 spring calf

Registration: Unregistered. No history.

Color: Black

DOB: 4/1/14 estimated

Size: Mid/Std. Estimated 46 inches. Used in our Mini program.

STATUS: Exposed to Bob for $1,800. 

ABOUT: Ripley is a treat lover. Very calm cow. We have had her for 3 years. She came to us with crooked horns and her right eye fogged over from pinkeye, but it doesn't bother her. Great momma. Lost her calf first year we had her due to cold weather and probably our inexperience.

Being sold pasture exposed to Bob da Bull as of 7/1/2020 for spring 2021 calf. Would prefer to do a late October or November transfer when bringing our entire herd in from pasture. We could also do a pregnancy check if timing allows.


2020 Calf: 20-10 Cyrus

Registration: Unregistered

Sex: Bull calf

Dam: Ripley

Sire: Bob

DOB: 5/14/2020

Birth Weight: 72 lbs

Color: Black/Dark Red, but probably turn dunn?

Genetics: Sire is mini, but he is definitely not chrondro positive. Large calf.



2019 Calf: 19-16 DB Bob Jr

Registration: Unregistered

Sex: Bull

Dam: Ripley

Sire: Bob

DOB: 4/30/19

Birth Weight: 64 lbs

Color: Black

Genetics: Chrondro Positive BD1 Dawarfisim, Nice fluffy coat.


2018 Calf: Lost due to weather & owner inexperience

Registraion: Unregistered

Sex: Heirfer

Dam: Neighbor

Sire: Boon (unregistered, black)

DOB: 4/17/18

Color: Black