About Us


Located in Platte, SD we set out in 2016 to find the right critters for our farm. We had an indoor arena and acreage that had been used for horses but were looking for something different. We also own a seed company and raise acres of native and tame grasses,- all of which we were converting over to organic, so cattle seemed to be a great fit. We stumbled across some Scottish Highland cattle and found them to be the perfect fit.

Our life away from the cows...

Todd DenBesten is the owner of Dakota's Best Seed in Platte, SD. The company has been in business since 1963. Over the past several years both the company and our personal farm acres have been converting over to organic production. The grass hay fed to our cattle and the pastures they are grazing are in transitional organic stage - which ,means they haven't had any chemical for 1-3 years already. We harvest organic seed, they get organic hay and provide organic fertilizer. It's a win-win situation!

Janet Herrold has done marketing and graphics work for the last 30 years and continues to do it for Dakota's Best Seed and several other clients. Taking pictures of Highland Cows and working with the mini's has now become the favorite part of her job.

We have 4 twenty-something girls between us. While the nest is empty, it is not boring. lol.