Please text 605-770-7303 or email with any questions. Sales terms.

General Payment / Terms:

  • Typical down payment is $500 per animal. Down payment is due when the buyer commits to the purchase.

  • Registration fees paid by buyer. These are added to final bill.

  • Final payment needs to be made before animal leaves our property. Check is ok if it is received 10 days before pickup so it can clear. Prefer cash, cashiers check or money order. Please discuss with us.

  • Sale price is for pick up at our location.

Rocking DB Ranch is responsible for and will:

  • Feed, house and provide basic maintenance and health care for the animal until the agreed upon pickup date

  • Give possession of the animal to buyer on the agreed upon date after full payment is made.

  • Pay for veterinarian health certificate required by law for interstate travel and fees charged by vet for farm call.

  • We generally do any vaccines our vet recommends for safe travel. Buyer must notify us if they do not want any additional medications administered.


Buyer is responsible for and will:

  • Pick up animal by agreed upon date.

  • Provide good communication on pickup times. We work full time so this is important! Cell phone for driver really helps, especially with third party haulers.

  • Pay for and provide adequate transportation. All animals must be transported in an adequately sized, covered, ventilated, safe vehicle where they may comfortably and safely stand, turn and lay down. I the buyer shows up to pick up animal(s) with what Rocking DB Ranch determines to be unsatisfactory and/or unsafe transportation Rocking DB Ranch retains the right to refuse to release animals(s).

  • Pay for additional veterinarians testing or procedures at buyer’s request.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The down payment is non-refundable unless the animal does not meet the buyer’s original expectations at the time of contract signing, BEFORE the animal leaves Rocking DB Ranch property.

  • If the buyer decides to cancel purchase for other reasons, their down payment will not be refunded.

  • If the animal is not picked up with 2 weeks of the agreed upon date, the buyer forfeits the animal as well as the down payment, unless we have agreed on other arrangement in writing, text or email.

  • Rocking DB Ranch reserves the right to refuse or cancel any sale to anyone for any reason. (deposit refunded)

  • Rocking DB Ranch is not responsible for shipping issues with third-party transportation arranged by buyer.

  • By paying a non-refundable deposit the buyer agrees to and is bound by all terms and conditions and responsibilities laid out in this contract.