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Highland Heritage Beef

Beef For Sale

Beef available for shipping, personal delivery or pick-up (based on location) to SD residents now. Call for out of state availability.

We offer New York strips, ribeye steaks, and sirloin steaks all cut at 1.25".  1/3# patties and 1.5# packages.Everything is vacuum packed to maintain quality.


We are still in the process of building packages based on customer demand.

Call and let us know what you want!

Highland Cow

Responsibly Raised

GRASS FED over 99% of the time.
We do offer limited grain supplements for animal health and beef quality. Any corn given is Non-GMO.

Why give any corn? Common sense care. We've had younger animals need a little boost during our cold SD winters. Also, cows really like corn - and they will follow you anywhere for a treat! Makes for low-stress, humane cattle moving!
NO ANTIBIOTICS given within 1 year of slaughter. Only given when necessary.

Highland Beef Cooking Instructions

Cooking Instructions

Highland steaks are best served medium rare. Take care not to overcook hamburgers.


Click on image above for guidelines.

More recipes coming soon!