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Mini Highland Crosses
2020 Mini Bull Calves

  • 20-14 Chip  Mini Bull Calf. Chrondro NEG. Horned. Black & White.

  • 20-15 Curly  Mini Bull Calf. Chondro NEG. Polled. Black.

  • 20-16 Charlie  Mini Bull Calf. Chrondo POS. Polled. Dun and White.




Standard Highlands

Bull Calves




  • Registered and Unregistered available  ||  Photo files

  • Due to extremely busy work schedule, we are reducing our registered and full size herd.

  • Nice selection of cows I wouldn't part with other than needing to reduce work load. These are not left-overs!

  • 4/9/2021 - ALL PENDING AS OF TODAY

Herd Sires ~ Not for Sale

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